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This is a group dedicated to donkeys who, in my personal opinion have always been under-appreciated. They are smart, alert, sure-footed creatures. They deserve love and affection.
These animals can live in deserts, surviving off sparse grasses. They are very hardy. They live in rocky mountains as well. They re not simple animals to be overlooked or put down, they are very hardy and tolerant. It is proven that in a desert a human and a cow would die before a donkey or a camel would.

Donkeys are termed and labeled with endless inaccurate stereotypes like 'dumb', 'stupid', and 'stubborn'. None of which are true or even relatively close to how any donkey has acted. While 'skittish' or 'jumpy' is partially correct with some it is more often because the animal has a good reason to act that way.
I will never grasp why both dumb-ass and wise-ass/smart-ass exist when neither are positive and are just another derogative jibe at the equines.
True their are goofy and quirky donkeys out there but the same applies to every animal species.

To quote a conversation I once had with someone.
"Donkeys are more cautious than stubborn, they will not drink tainted or polluted water, they won't simply walk someplace unless they know it is safe.

Donkeys won't stay and fight like horses will(which often results in the horse getting maimed/killed) they only stay and fight when they have babies or are defending their mates. Otherwise they will kick the attacker several times and run away, living to fight another day.

One of the things that often bugs me is the fact that 9/10 a horse is skittish or afraid of things more than a donkey. Horses rear up and throw their riders, but donkeys normally just freeze in place and watch cautiously(this is part of why they are considered stubborn or stupid. :roll:)."

I will not go into the whole skittish and paranoid horse discussion. I'll just state that after seeing plenty of jumpy horses along w with calm ones I can say there's more skittish horses than donkeys.
Plus when you've heard from a friend of a horse flat out threw off its rider whenever it went close to a mailbox and every time someone even tried to walk it around a mailbox it freaked out, like no way to get it to stay calm around one even within a ten foot distance, then I can also say they're more stubborn and paranoid than any donkey I've seen.
I'd also like to say horses break their legs three times easier than a donkey does. I've rarely heard of a donkey breaking a leg.

I'm not putting down horses, I like horses as well, but donkeys always have a more hardy and enduring feel to them than horses in my opinion.


This group also accepts mules because they are part donkey.
Seeing as how Cranky Doodle Donkey from the latest My Little Pony episode, A Friend in Deed, has spurred a lot of fanart of said donkey, thus I've created a folder dedicated just to him, because I think it's great that a donkey character in any show has gotten a lot of fanart.

The only other donkey I really see a lot of fanart of is Eeyore. Who is probably the best known cartoon donkey out there along with Donkey from Shrek, who isn't really a "cartoon" donkey.
I would love to see more Nestor the long eared Christmas donkey or Benjamin(from Animal Farm) fanart, but all the art of Cranky Doddle Donkey has brought a smile to my face.

Best part, he wasn't overly colourful like the ponies in that show(I have nothing wrong with them being colourful just hear me out), so he stood out drastically, in both looks and personality. Which made him more unique.
I hope he's in future episodes.
I'm glad he found Matilda at the end.

Oh, and I know the entire episode was reffing off of the movie UP, but Doodle's second wig totally looked like Johnny Bravo's.
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CinnamonSand Mar 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for wanting my art in your group:D
It's nice to see a group dedicated to donkeys
You're welcome.
I'm glad I made the group years ago, many people seem to think a donkey group is a great idea. :3
DobbysCookieSock Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Are you dumb requesting a horses picture to a donkey group? SERIOUSLY? Daaamn.
It's a mistake that happens sometimes because submissions are done via a mass selection of sometimes 50 deviations at a time.
Insulting intelligence over a simple mistake is immature.
If it was submitted then it's because it came up under the keyword "Donkey" or "mule". Which has nothing to do with the submitters' intellect.
DobbysCookieSock Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It did not.
And well yea, maybe Im "Immature" how you call it.
Who cares, seriously?
At least I can be sure Im more "mature" than somebody with a red dog in avatar and a 'pikatchu' in username, opening a group because donkeys aren't the topic on da.
Don't tell me anything about "immature" or "mature".
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